We sell a ready-made multifunctional platform for
sharing and selling Steam in game contents

Who are we?

We are a team of web developers, designers, SEO-specialists and business analysts. Our task is to help you develop your own projects. We share experience with our customers, which we already have a lot.
For more than 7 years of our work we have developed projects of different complexity for different targets: from CS:GO and Dota2 roulettes to complex item exchangers and marketplaces.

Developed scripts

Exchanger - SteamApps

Items exchange script


  1. Buy, sell and exchange CS: GO game items (additionally we can add other Steam games – DOTA2, RUST, PUBG, etc.)
  2. Balance top-up and withdrawal by selling game items
  3. Balance top-up and withdrawal using third-party payment services (e.g G2A)
  4. Security system (temporary accounts lock based on user’s suspicious behavior and transactions)
  5. OVERSTOCK system
  6. Live trades feed
  7. Filter and item search system (price, float, quality, type, collection, rarity, color, etc.)
  8. Check all items in the inventory of bots, users, and on the Steam trading platform.
  9. Bonus system for loyal users trading on the market
  10. Adding items to favorites
  11. Exchange Statistics
  12. Multiple languages support
  13. Multi-trading system (exchange, sale, purchase of several items at once)








Bonus Program script

Bonus program to reward your user’s loyalty. Users accumulate bonus points by making payments and other transactions on the site and exchange them for valuable gifts, goods or services. 


  1. Set conditions to allow joining the bonus program (amount of money on user’s account, linking user’s social network accounts, joining a group in the social network).
  2. Personal user account with number of bonuses
  3. Set actions for which user’s are rewarded with bonus points.
  4. Set goods and services with the equivalent value of bonus points
  5. Track and check if the conditions are fulfilled, edit amount of user’s bonus points
  6. Track the status of purchased goods and services for bonus points
  7. Add shipping information of sent items for user’s tracking
  8. Bonus points history

Affiliate Program Script

Reward program to attract clients for YouTubeers, traders and other users of the website. A participant of this program (referrer) generates a special link to your site in his personal account, which he can place on any third-party resource. A user who has clicked on such a link and registered later on the site automatically becomes a referral – this means that from his payments a referrer will receive affiliate rewards in the amount depending on the conditions set in the program. Up-to-date statistics on all attracted clients and payments is always available in the personal account of the program member. Earned funds can be transferred to user’s account and later withdrawn or used to purchase game equipment and any other goods.


  1. Adding, changing referral link, user code.
  2. Tracking any referrer and his number of referrals
  3. Setting up bonus payments depending on the number of attracted users
  4. Partner Rank System
  5. Tracking referrals and the amount of money they deposited
  6. Setting the minimum withdrawal amount of earned money
  7. Possibility to add questions and answers in several languages to inform users
  8. Instant withdrawal of earned money to the user’s account balance

Investment program script

Crowdfunding program for effective development, attracting additional funds and increasing the total amounts of game items in the marketplace. Each user of the platform can become an investor and buy shares of the project in exchange for his own game inventory or cash with the expectation of further profit. With each exchange the total value of the items in the item bank grows and the price of the shares increases accordingly.


  1. Buying project shares in exchange for money or user inventory
  2. Automatic calculation of share value depending on the number of purchased shares and total inventory on the site
  3. Daily share price update
  4. List of investors with number of shares
  5. Turn on/off ability to sell or purchase shares
  6. Track the value of shares as a chart
  7. Track the value of shares as a table
  8. Set a commission for the sale of shares

Open Case script (roulette)

Case opening script with game items installed. Two variations of cases opening: paid and free. Since we do not share the idea of gambling, we have added free cases for marketing purposes and to increase users loyalty beyond standart case opening. Cases are opened depending on the amount of money a user has spent on the website. There is also a “Nickname” version of the case, which allows user to open a case for free depending on whether the domain of the site is in the steam nickname of the user. Thus, each user of the marketplace while in the game does advertising to the project and gets free game items (skins) every 24 hours. Drops probebility and rank system for cases can be adjusted for each project individually


  1. Add paid cases on the site
  2. Adjust items and probability of drops
  3. Live feed of case drops with case images
  4. Open cases multiple times (for paid cases)
  5. Demo opening for free and paid cases
  6. Free cases to increase user loyalty and for marketing campaigns
  7. Edit the conditions for opening free cases on the site (e.g. a certain amount of money spent on the site and/or adding the site address to the user’s Steam nickname)
  8. Promotion code system

Our partners


  • Exchanger
  • 10000$
  • Exchange script
  • Multitrading
  • Bonus script
  • Affiliate script
  • Open Case (Roulette) script
  • Admin Panel training
  • Customer Support
  • Exchanger Pro
  • 11600$
  • Exchange script
  • Multitrading
  • Bonus script
  • Affiliate script
  • Open Case (Roulette) script
  • Admin Panel training
  • Customer Support
  • Investment script


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